About Us

History of the District

Stonewall Water Control and Improvement District (the “District”) was created by Order of the Commissioners Court of Gillespie County on November 16, 1992.   The Commissioners Court acted upon a petition it received, signed by more than 50 property owners holding title to land inside the proposed district.   

The District was created pursuant to Article 16, Section 59, of the Texas Constitution and finds its authority under Chapter 51 of the Texas Water Code.  The District has the functions, powers, authority, rights and duties to accomplish its purposes which includes, to supply water for municipal uses, domestic uses, power and commercial purposes and all other beneficial uses or controls.  It provides potable water to the area comprising Stonewall, Texas.

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas governed by an elected board of directors that volunteer their time and energy in service to the District.  As with most water districts in Texas, it faces challenges with its attempts to balance the need to replace and improve aging infrastructure with reasonable water rates and ad valorem tax revenue. It is recognized that a viable water system is key to maintaining a quality way of life and property values within the District.

Management Company

The Stonewall Water Control & Improvement District is professionally managed by Professional General Management Services, Inc. (“PGMS, Inc.”).

PGMS, Inc. is the leading provider of efficient, compliant water and wastewater utility management company that is owned and managed in Texas. PGMS, Inc. also specializes in project management for capital improvement projects, planning, training, state and local governmental consulting.